Data Recovery

When you think all is lost…

Did your hard drive suddenly stop working? No longer able to access those photos on your SD card? Perhaps you accidentally erased your files or formatted your device. Nothing is more disheartening than finding out that you need data recovery. The last thing you want to do at this point is let someone attempt to recover your data without the proper equipment. We see plenty of hard drives that were opened up by other shops, or the brother-in-law that knows about computers. You can easily cause permanent damage, rendering your hard drive unrecoverable.

System and Data Recovery

  • Local Data Backup Solutions.
  • Recovery from all types of devices. (Desktop, Laptop, External, MP3 Player, Digital Camera, and Flash Drives.)
  • Advanced Data Recovery techniques to recover lost files, deleted files, or even files from a failing hard drive.
  • We can also perform a US Department of Defense level, secure deletion of entire hard drives. Make sure your old computer or external drive doesn’t still have private data that can be recovered by someone else.
  • Online Data Backup Solutions.
  • User Data Migration to restore data after a system reload or to move your data to a new computer system.
  • We are able to properly migrate and import your personal documents, pictures, music, and emails.
  • In-shop total back up or partial backup options available to transfer data to external drive or CD/DVD disc(s).

Google Reviews

paul holterpaul holter
02:42 29 Sep 23
Friendly and knowledgeable staff..
Wesley NicholsWesley Nichols
19:54 11 Sep 23
I have taken all of my electronic devices to TechTime when they needed work done. Tech time is awesome. I first took my iPad to the geek squad and Corpus. Those morons couldn’t fix it. That’s two days out of my life I won’t get back took it to AT&T where I bought it they couldn’t fix it tech Tom had it fixed in less than two hours. Love those guys. and gals
china lynchchina lynch
01:41 09 Sep 23
Fadt and efficient
Anderson KingsleyAnderson Kingsley
17:52 12 Aug 23
This place is wonderful at making sure customers are satisfied great price and well educated in what they do thanks guys
corey bickfordcorey bickford
09:26 12 Aug 23
Koda has been my personal life saver.I came in with my Razer BladeBroken screenMy daughter had spilled soda on my computer bag at some point during the ride to RockportKeyboard was shotIn reality my computer was probably DOABut I am 99 percent sure this guy made it his mission to help.-He tried his best to stay in contact with me the entire time (I am not good at answering the phone)-lent me a computer to use while mine was being serviced-not once was he rude, or patronizing.The only reason I did not give tech time five stars is because of one other person there.He did my intake, and when I say he was rude, I mean holy hell was he rude. The kind of rude that a bad day doesn’t even justify.As for the the woman in the corner desk….A) she is absolutely beautiful. (Not that it matters)B) you can tell she runs a tight ship from the way she is respected.When I am leaving my source of income somewhere to be repaired, I like to know there is someone there to keep things in line!Thank y’all again for helping—Jodie
02:00 07 Aug 23
Have been a customer now for almost 10 years.Recently talked with the staff at TechTime about building out my High end gaming PC and they did an amazing job as per usual. Really appreciate their fast service and wonderful customer service.Thanks again Tech Time - Zac B
Ruth OxfordRuth Oxford
14:21 05 May 23
We want to express our gratitude to Jacob for having the patience of Job and not giving up on the difficult task of installing our massage chair gear. Jacob is professional, yet very understanding on a personal level.
20:49 08 Sep 22
I had 2 phones fixed, and they did a good job on both. One of the phone was completely cracked with pieces of the phone coming off. I didn't think it was fixable but they gave it back brand new! Give them a try, and support local business!
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